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Quiet Kid Learns to Cope in Prison

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@pcred566: Go into their neighborhoods, interact with them, just be around them, watch the fucking news, read police and prison statistics, what part of this, most of which I pointed out before, do you not understand? God damn. Lol. And there is no "ASSUMING" about it..

@pcred566: I don't "ASSUME" the sky is blue, I KNOW it is, because I OBSERVE it to be so, so I KNOW that it is, and so I OBSERVE that the majority of AMERICAN blacks, are nothing but shit, because they have SHOWN me through THEIR ACTIONS, that they are. How do you fucking miss this? This is common knowledge for those who go through life with their eyes OPEN. Caps are not shouting, but stressing the words, in case you think I am mad or some shit. Lol..

What purpose does it serve to put these young men behind bars for relatively petty crimes?? None.....except for one....turning them into full fledge emotionally shut down menaces...A society that does not look after it´s own, that does not aid you when things go wrong is not a society worth having really.....You look after all the sheep in the herd, you don´t leave the so called black sheep behind, and you don´t abandon them when they make mistakes...These guys are no different from you.. Care.

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in the late 70s and early 80s we had detention centres for young offenders , run by ex marines , we called it the short sharp shock , everyone was treated fairly as long as u showed the officers respect and didnt step out of line , it was all ' sir yes sir!! back then , prisoners didnt run prisons ,officers ran prisons, there were no gangs , u all got your head down , did your time and that was that , it was tough..but now prisoners roam around in gangs running the show? jeez , lock em up 24/7.

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